The company's design system uses the service model of brand planning and creative design integration to enhance customer brand image and product market value, and is committed to the packaging industry, providing creative services including brand planning and design, packaging integration design, etc.

Advantages Of Our Design Service:
(1)Brand Planning:

Brand planning business refers to the process of brand positioning, planning, visualization and differentiation for customers through the mining of consumer needs, analysis of competitive brands and research on market trends to achieve a clear brand spirit and Image shaping will ultimately generate brand value and improve the market competitiveness of customers' products. Brand planning mainly includes brand core positioning and image design, brand system management, and channel guidance and implementation.

(2) Package Integration:

The packaging integration business starts from the characteristics of customers' products, digs out the cultural background related to products on the basis of product positioning and product style strategies, combines the psychological needs of final consumers, and considers the realization cost to carry out packaging integration design. The services mainly include product line positioning, packaging design, research and development of process material structure, packaging production guidance, product display guidance, etc. Its process runs through the overall operation line from product strategy to creative design, trial production and processing of final finished products.

Design Cases Display
Cosmetic Box
Design Case for Cosmetics
Design Case for Clothes
Design Case for Food-delivery
Design Case for Coffee