The company's design system uses the integrated service model of brand planning and creative design to enhance the customer's brand image and product market value. It is committed to the packaging industry and provides creative services including brand planning and design, packaging integration design, etc.
Yuanyin Group provides a one-stop butler service for the overall packaging solution, and realizes the integration of the process from preliminary planning and design, engineering production to logistics and distribution, so as to solve the worries for customers.
What can we do about One-stop production service for you:
Step 1

Clarify the design requirements. After receiving business consultation from customers, through preliminary communication such as phone calls, emails, and meetings, understand the specific needs of the project and find out the essential problems that need to be solved.

Step Two: Business Communication

On the basis of the initial cooperation intention, conduct business visual strategy communication, analyze customer-related information and industry information, discuss design concepts and ideas, and make quotations according to requirements.

Step 3: Sign a contract or entrust a letter of intent

Through mutual direct or indirect inspections, the two parties have reached a consensus on the working methods and ideas of both parties, and signed relevant legally effective cooperation contracts.

Step 4: Pay the advance payment

After signing a cooperation contract, 50% of the contract amount of the project is paid as an advance payment, and the minimum is not less than 30%

Step 5: Design Execution

After the company receives the project advance payment, it starts to carry out visual planning, design creation and other related contracts.